I've been into photography for years now, and to be honest I love all aspects of it. It has become one of my greatest passions in life giving me the opportunity to get out there and create and work with like-minded creatives.

I created this website so that I have a place of my own to showcase my work. What you'll see here is what I think is my best work from each of the photoshoots I have undertaken.

If you like what you see and would like to work with me then please use the contact page and drop me a message with any questions or photoshoot ideas. I'd love the opportunity to contribute to & bring to life your ideas as much as working on my own, and I'm happy working with models at all levels of experience.

My work covers a number of genres, but I do have a strong preference biased towards the dance (ballet), fashion & lingerie genres. I'm always looking to expand and improve my portfolio in any of these genres.

My approach to a photoshoot is friendly and laid-back. A photoshoot should be a fun, relaxed and pressure-free environment and I try my best to ensure you are happy and comfortable. I treat a photoshoot as a collaborative experience - I absolutely welcome input and ideas from the model, whether it is a paid or TFP photoshoot. It all helps the creativity and helps us get the best images possible.

My portfolio can also be seen here: PurplePort and Instagram
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