Please find below my references from the last few years, these can also be viewed on my portfolio on PurplePort.
The models name is also a link to their profile on that site as well. Naturally as models move on some may have dead links or point to deactivated accounts.
For your own peace of mind, please feel free to contact any to verify these references.
My second shoot with Simon at Saracen House.
I was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Simon again, we got some great results from the first shoot and even more fantastic work during the second shoot!
As before, Simon is professional, polite, seamless communication and an all round lovely photographer to be around.
I adore the results from both shoots. Simon is very creative himself, yet still lets you have creative input during the time you work together.
Highly recommended once more. Looking forward to working together again in the future.
September 2021​​​​​​​
I would highly recommend Simon! He is really great to work with - fantastic pre and post communications, very organised and clear, and truly amazing at what he does! One of the best photographers I've worked with.
We got so many incredible shots and I cannot wait to work with him again soon! 
August 2021​​​​​​​
I had a fantastic shoot with Simon last week during his trip to Dorset!
It didn't take us long to get a plan of action in place - his pre-comms are FAULTLESS. I knew exactly what to bring and the style we would be shooting and felt very prepared. Simon even sent me a photo of his car so I knew who to look out for on the day! Other models will appreciate how helpful this is as we often go in blind 😊
As soon as we met the conversation flowed and I felt comfortable and relaxed. Simon is a true gent, very respectful and conducts himself like the professional he is. On top of that he is good company and easy to get on with.
Throughout the shoot Simon showed me the BoC images and WOW. We did good (even with the scorching sun and sand in the eyes). I am very excited to see the final edits!
I would highly recommend working with Simon to any model. You will have fun and come away with great additions to your portfolio.
Thanks again!
July 2021​​​​​​​
I had a wonderful shoot with Simon on Friday! I advertised that I had some time available at Saracen House, Simon was in contact in a flash and BAM we had a plan!
He is super at communicating, very clear about his style. He also sent me a great mood board/inspiration dropbox for outfits ideas.
Simon is one of the loveliest photographers you will meet, he is very professional yet super easy going and chatty. We were able to have a laugh together, great conversation but still flowing easily into "work mode" and getting some great shots together.
I also really appreciated Simon tethering the shots to his iPad so that I could see the shots we were getting after each set.
We worked through a series of colour back drops, whizzed through different outfits and then shot some natural light work. I loved so many of the images in each set!
It was an absolute joy working with Simon, and I hope to do so again in the future
July 2021
It's always wonderful to welcome Simon back to Saracen House Studio; he's a brilliant photographer with lots of ideas, versatile and highly skilled.
On top of that, he's one of the nicest blokes I know, so would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.
July 2021
I’ve worked with Simon at the end of June for the first time  and I can honestly say that he is absolutely a delight to work with; he's very professional but is a genuinely a lovely guy who can get the best out of every model 😉
Not only is Simon very talented, his retouching skills are amazing, we’ve got some beautiful images!
Genuinely can’t recommend him highly enough .. Great person , great photographer.
Highly recommend 110%
June 2021
I had the pleasure of shooting yesterday with Simon, this time at Saracen House Studios and again it was a delight.
Pre-shoot communications were perfect with Simon providing a great moodboard making it easy for me to select a range of outfits to bring and shoot in.
He also provided in depth detail about the location, times and what he was hoping to get out the shoot, also following up and checking in again a few days before the actual shoot.
I always feel comfortable shooting with Simon, and yesterday was another successful day and the shoot was a breeze.
I highly recommend and look forward to working with him again.
October 2020
I worked with Simon for the first time not long ago, at Saracen House studio! Pre comms were brilliant, very detailed and descriptive. The shoot itself flew by and we got some amazing photos!
Simon is respectful, friendly and has creative ideas! We had a great shoot but it went far too quickly! I would absolutely recommend Simon to anybody wishing to work with him. Great shoot!
September 2020
Fantastic first shoot with Simon at Covehithe beach  I've been looking forward to shooting with Simon for a long time now and it totally lived up to my expectations
Simon's pre comms were absolutely fantastic. Super duper organisation and made planning very straight-forward. We were hoping to do a sunrise shoot, although the weather wasn't too kind to us. We continued with the shoot despite the cold and cloudy weather and I'm so glad we did (the pictures look amazing and dramatic so far)!
Simon was highly professional throughout the shoot was was really friendly  It was great to chat with him on our walk down to the beach and throughout the shoot. We mostly shot dance and leaps on the beach which Simon was timing fantastically. Simon was very kind and allowed me to warm up inbetween sets.
I wouldn't hesitate to work with Simon again, in fact we are planning our next shoot
Thanks again Simon!
Highly recommended
August 2020
Had my first shoot yesterday with Simon, a sunrise beach shoot, and it was great!
Pre-comms were excellent with a clear moodboard provided and Simon sourced a great beach that wasn’t too far for us both to travel to.
Simon is super friendly and a pro at what he does. The back of the camera photos looked so good, I’m so excited to see the finished products.
Would definitely recommend Simon to anyone looking for a great photographer and I can’t wait to work with him again.
Thank you!
August 2020
I had my first shoot with Simon the other day at the gorgeous Camber Sands and it is safe to say it was a great success! The 5am start was a bit of a shock to the system however it was well worth it for the shots that Simon Captured. Pre Comms were brilliant, Simon had really researched the area and had thought through everything. He sent me through a great mood board so I could get a good idea of the shots he wanted to capture and outfits I should bring, which as a model I really love.
All in all I absolutely loved shooting with Simon, very friendly, chatty and professional! I would highly recommend!
Thank you again Simon for such a great shoot and I hope we can work together again soon! 
Amy x
July 2020
I had a great shoot with Simon - our second shoot together but it had been a few years since our first! I'm so glad we decided to work together again. We had a nice, relaxed shoot with lots of variety and creativity. Simon really pays attention to detail and is open to input and feedback from models, which makes the shoot really collaborative and positive  We have some great results which I can't wait to share! Overall, I totally recommend Simon - he's friendly, respectful, easy to work with, and a great photographer. Thank you Simon!
March 2020
First visit to two Wei from Simon but hopefully not his last. It was obvious from Simon's initial enquiry that he'd taken a good look at our port and had a particular shoot in mind - his comms and planning are excellent.
Simon is a warm and friendly gent with a big smile and good conversation. He worked very well with his model and we are looking forward to see some of the images captured from their visit.
Simon is recommended by us to studios and models alike without reservation.
March 2020
another fantastic shoot with Simon completed. We shot at Two Wei House which is beautiful, and Simon and I had plenty of choice to work with. He was full of ideas, we were on the same page in regards to the concepts, execution of images and positioning which I always find helpful on a shoot. He was polite, friendly and chatty as always, and I hope to work with him again soon. I cant wait to see the end results from today  thanks again x
March 2020
I had such a great shoot with Simon at the chapel! I was very impressed that he thought of such a good creative idea that has never been done before at that location- seeing as there have been so many shoots there now. I had so much fun collaborating on ideas and working together to create some unique magic. Simon is a great guy, absolute gent and amazing photographer- I hope to work with him again one day  highly recommended.
February 2020
Always great to have Simon back at Saracen House... Simon is one of the most genuine and friendly people I know and this comes though in his photography, he's able to get that extra something from his images of people.
Would have no hesitation in heartily recommending Simon to any studio or model.
Always great to have Simon back at Saracen House... Simon is one of the most genuine and friendly people I know and this comes though in his photography, he's able to get that extra something from his images of people.
Would have no hesitation in heartily recommending Simon to any studio or model.
January 2020
Once again, I really enjoyed working with Simon, that time at Saracen House Studio.
Simon is super relaxed to work with and take the time he needs to get the perfect light and the perfect setting. I love the way he works I think our session was very productive and efficient. He's got his own ideas but is always happy to listen to mine as well, which make it a real collaboration. You can see it thought the pictures, indeed I am more than happy with the result.
Loved working with Simon. Love his work and his personality. Very friendly and professional!
Looking forward to working with him again.
100% recommended!
January 2020
Today I shot with Simon and his wife (was her first time on a shoot  )
After my original photographer cancelled the day before the shoot at Thurston Lodge i put a casting call up and simon was one of many who answered. I think you can tell by his portfolio why i picked him due to his stunning work.
They both were warm and lovely people and we all bounced off each other for ideas.
They didn't judge me and my craziness even when turning round and finding me in the hardest, strangest and most dangerous positions, they just let me carry on with it which was great and rolled with what i was trying to do.
It was an absolute pleasure and hope we can work together again soon.
November 2019
I had a lovely early morning shoot with Simon.
He arrived on time and was extremely easy to talk too.
I felt completely comfortable in his presence and he put me at ease.
He is a very professional photographer and I really enjoyed working with him, he even brought me a coffee to help warm us up as it was a little cold which was so kind.
Simon is very friendly and I highly recommended him.
He is very focussed and determined on getting great pics, an absolute pleasure to work with.
I hope in the future we can work together again soon
October 2019
Yet another shoot with Simon, maybe one of our best yet! He was my very first home shoot and I very deliberately chose him for it, because I knew his relaxed, warm nature and ability to get great shots quickly would put me at ease and make for a productive session. I felt completely comfortable in his presence and with him in my home. He was a perfect guest, a wonderful photographer, and a great companion.
Only a few days later and I have already been given multiple edits, which are awesome, and I know there are even better ones up next.
I love working with Simon and am already looking forward to the next time!
October 2019
I have had an amazing shoot with Simon yesterday. He is a very professional photographer and I really enjoyed working with him. He knows exactly how to work with light even if it's very difficult. Simon is a very friendly person, it was a pleasure to work with him. I'm looking forward shooting with him again!
September 2019
had a lovely early morning shoot, got picked up at 4am, our 2nd shoot together now, and was still great fun despite the early start! fab pics
September 2019
I can’t believe I haven’t left Simon a reference yet! We had a wonderful shoot at my home and I found Simon to be so friendly, relaxed and down to earth. He took some stunning images and I would highly recommend him
August 2019
I had a shoot with the lovely Simon 2 weeks ago and what a lovely guy! He’s so professional and I felt so relaxed and comfortable from the second that we met!
We created so many stunning images and he just knows exactly how to work the camera! I cannot wait to work with him again!
I would recommend Simon 100%
Thank you so much Simon!
Amber C xx
August 2019
Amazing shoot! Very professional, arrived on time and very focused!
He takes time looking at themes you would like to work with and around, he is very creative with his work and he does not make you wait for the edits to come back to you!
Very efficient!
August 2019
Simon and I had our second shoot at the beach. He picked me up from London and we travelled down to the south coast together. It was like a fun day trip with a good friend!  There were snacks, fruit, bikkies, you name it, he had it. Simon is really just a gent in every way, you can't find a single bad thing to say about him! We were together for twelve hours and got along great the whole time.
We had a blast and though we didn't technically spend that much time shooting, with still came away with lots of amazing images. I can't wait to see them edited!
Obviously I recommend!
Thanks again Simon.
July 2019
First time shooting with Simon!
Pre comms were fabulous. I found it really easy to talk to Simon which made the shoot more relaxed and enjoyable.Due to the shoot being outdoors we were both flexible when it came to the weather and sorting out days to shoot.
The shoot itself went really quickly and Simon captured some amazing photos. Simon is a lovely gentleman and I would definitely recommend him.
I Would love to work with Simon again in the future.
June 2019
Myself and Simon set off to do urban ballet style shoot in the busy centre of Nottingham.I was extremely impressed with his professionalism as well as ability to get an amazing shot!
We got an insane amount of great images making it very hard to pick! We shot in many different location in nots including inside an incredible bar, the streets, on lampposts as well as in the fountain!
Simon was quite happy to shoot some of my wacky ideas! which ended up fantastically shot!
I highly recommend and hope to work together again!
June 2019
Had a very enjoyable shoot with Simon on Saturday.
Precoms were excellent and highly organised well in advance so I know exactly what to expect and how to prepare.
The shoot itself was very relaxed as we wandered through St Paul’s and Borough Market, stopping when there was a good location to shoot in front of that wasn’t too crowded. Simon has a great eye and a knack for making everything on camera look wonderful with a narrow depth of field and great use of light and shadow.
I loved the shots on the back of the camera and thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon. I wouldn’t hesitate to 100% recommend SiNiMi Photography.
Thank you very much for booking me and I can’t wait to see more photos!
June 2019
I had a really great shoot with Simon in London on Sat morning
As many know I am not a morning person but Simon was the perfect balance by starting with breakfast and coffee to discuss the shoot
He is a really lovely don to earth photographer, who is very chilled and relaxed
A great eye for detail and his creativity was a breath of fresh air
I would recommend to all in a heartbeat
Thankyou for booking me Simon
I hope to create more in the future
May 2019
Simon was very friendly and super organised about the shoot, great communication. I felt comfortable when i met him. The lighting is on point, people thought my unedited images were edited! He is very nice to work with, I admired his work before and I'm pleased I got to have a shoot with him
April 2019
Was a pleasure to work with
Provides snacks and very easy going we worked well together to achieve awesome results and i hope to work again with in future x
February 2019
I like Simon a lot.
The time went so fast like we had walked into a time warp or maybe more like Bernards Watch but the other way around so time goes super fast, it was a bit strange really.
The pictures we made that I saw I liked very much, Simon made my job easy and very enjoyable. We both wanted to create the best pictures we could and experimented along the way to make that happen.
I would love to work with him again, no doubt about it.
A very nice fellow, recommended thoroughly
February 2019
It's always a pleasure having Simon at our studio; one of the good guys, he's always so kind and friendly, has some fantastic ideas and skills and produces some beautiful images.
Would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending to any model or studio.
February 2019
Today Simon and I had our second shoot, this time at Saracen House. Simon is really easy to get on with. We had a wealth of ideas to work on, and did our own thing.
I’m hopeful that we’ve got a decent amount of awesome images.
Thank you for working with me again, Simon x
February 2019
I had my first shoot with Simon today at my home. The communication before the shoot was clear, and he was friendly and professional during the shoot. We discussed ideas before hand and im very happy with the results we achieved and can't wait to see the final images. I would recommend him to anyone and will hopefully be working with him again in the future.
February 2019
I had a fantastic shoot with Simon at the NLS during my studio day. I found the time really flew by as Simon was very easy to work with, chatty and professional with lots of great ideas, we captured lots of dance, lingerie and nude work using different lighting set ups and trying out different possibilities. I enjoyed how Simon makes it a true collaboration between myself and him by developing ideas and discussing what we have done and the ideas for the next sets this lead to capturing lots brilliant shots and have loved all of them that have been produced!
I hope to work with Simon again, Highly Recommended!
January 2019
A little overdue leaving my reference - apologies Simon!
Where to start...?
My shoot with Simon was honestly one of my favourites this year and I definitely one of the best shoots I've had at my new home.
He arrived with a friendly easy going manner, we chatted ideas and things and I instantly felt comfortable in Simon's company. He knows his lighting and things and he had ideas of what he would like to achieve so we worked together on the shoot and captured absolutely breathtaking images - images I really do love and have shared 'some' on my portfolio but there are many more to share still.
Would I recommend Simon - HELL YES!
I hope to shoot with him again, perhaps on location next time??
Thank you, Tillie
January 2019
Simon and I shot together over the weekend @ Natural Light Spaces. This was the first time we had worked together after he applied for my casting call!
We had an awesome shoot together, it flowed easy, ideas not drying up once! The time went so quickly and we got some pretty amazing shots from it also!
I’d recommend him and would happily work with him again!
September 2018
Had a lovely last minute location shoot with Simon. The communication before the shoot was excellent and had great plans for the shoot. I felt comfortable with Simon straight away as he was talkative and relaxed. Also he was very professional and respectful throughout.
He was letting me pose freely and suggesting ideas too. He made me feel comfortable throughout and was full of good ideas.
I would highly recommend him to any model and will hopefully work with him again soon.
September 2018​​​​​​​
Simon and I worked together on a portrait and fashion shoot in London.
Simon was an absolute pleasure to work with, full of brilliant ideas and creativity. He made me feel very comfortable in his presence and was so easy to get along with.
He definitely has a talent for photography and if you have the opportunity to work with him then be honoured!
Thanks for an awesome shoot Simon, I look forward to working with you again!
September 2018​​​​​​​
Had a great outdoor fashion shoot with Simon yesterday and I really enjoyed it!
He's a talented photographer, a genuine guy, easy to work with, polite and professional. Yes, all this! 
It was very fun and relaxed.
Pre-shoot communication was excellent.
Unfortunately, we had to split the shoot because of the light and the weather at the end of the day.
In one hand, I am actually glad as I am going to shoot with him again soon and finish what we couldn't finish. I am very looking forward to it!
The first part of the shoot was actually very nice... many good ones from the back of the camera! Can't wait to see the final edits!
Highly recommended!
Thank's again Simon!
September 2018​​​​​​​
What a lovely and easy going person Simon is! He was simply a pleasure to work with. I wasn't feeling too well on our shoot and he was incredibly respectful of my pace. It's because of this that we were able to absolutely NAIL each set. We also happened to get quite lucky wandering around Shoredich and happened upon amazing backdrop after amazing backdrop. I do think we worked seamlessly in a team, with Simon managing the photography and me making little adjustments until we got that "killer" shot. Cannot wait to see the shots after they go through Simon's photoshop magic.
Really loved working with him and have no doubt we will do so again!
Ria x
August 2018
I had a wonderful shoot with Simon recently while he was in Dorset. We planned to shoot down on the beach and, as has been the norm lately, it was very hot! Simon was very considerate of my comfort and safety, as well as being friendly and easy to talk to. We shot a huge variety of images, including some right out on the rocks where I lay in wait for big waves to crash up behind me. Thanks to Simon's patience and timing, we got some absolutely wonderful images that he has since very kindly shared with me. I loved working with Simon and would be delighted to do so again - very highly recommended!
July 2018
It was a real pleasure to work with Simon - with fantastic results!
Pre-communications were spot on, with Simon providing a really good starting point for us with some fab mood boards and lots of ideas. He arrived on time on the day, well prepared with soooo much equipment!!
We had a little chat before we started and I quickly realised that Simon is a very kind, down-to-earth chap. I felt totally comfortable with him at all times.
We covered a few different sets and got some fantastic variation. Simon has a good eye for angles and alternative ideas which can really add something different. He is REALLY good at using light, especially natural light, and made me look lovely which is always a bonus 
Overall, Simon is a creative, strong photographer who is also a pleasure to work with. Respectful and easy-going, a model's dream. The results so far look simply amazing, some of my favourite images yet, and I would highly recommend Simon to any model!!
Thank you for a wonderful shoot 
July 2018
Simon and I had our first shoot together today at Saracen House in Milton Keynes. This was the first time I had met Simon and what a great shoot! Simon is down to earth and he is so easy to get along with. He knows exactly how to create amazing images and capture the best lighting. I loved our shoot and I would recommend working with Simon to other models. Hopefully I will get to work with Simon again soon 
April 2018
Had a great shoot with Simon! Such a lovley man that made me feel at ease straight away!
We had good communication before the shoot planning outfits and photo styles we liked which made it a lot easier when on set ! Simon Had some great ideas and clearly has a passion for photography And what he does ! And even put up with me blaring out s club 7 mid shoot (what more could you want)! The images have turned out fab and can’t recommend enough 
April 2018​​​​​​​
Had such an amazing shoot with Simon yesterday at Natural Light Spaces. Communication from the start has been brilliant! Simon is really easy to get along with, full of ideas, and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole shoot!!! LOVED the images from the back of the camera!! So I know the final images will be amazing!! Cannot wait to work with Simon again!! Highly recommend!!
March 2018
Great to have Simon at our new studio for the first time last weekend for his shoot. The shoot went well and Simon had a clear idea of what he needed to create the shots and was a thoroughly nice guy to boot. Highly recommend
February 2018
Simon is a very professional, efficient photographer!
Pre-comms were excellent and he made everything crystal clear for me.
The shoot itself was very productive and we shot a wide range of sets in the few hours we had shooting.
Simon is definitely one of the best photographers I've worked with and I am keen to work with him again in the near future!
I am SO pleased with the shots we achieved (and I can be pretty fussy).
Do not hesitate to work with Simon as you will not be dissapointed!
February 2018​​​​​​​
It was a pleasure to meet Simon this week as he shot with the model Victoriah at my studio.
Simon can already take a great photo as his portfolio shows and has some great references already, so i was only too happy to let him shoot at mine, and i found Simon to be exactly what the models state in their references to him, a lovely guy, chatty, polite, very respectful to the model and studio equipment and not afraid to get creative to get the shot (which i love).
I had no plans to assist on the shoot but was more than happy to assist when asked and show Simon a few tricks i do with lights in the studio, which again shows Simon to be a true photographer with a desire to learn new ideas and ways of shooting and the results looked great on the back of the camera and i look forward to seeing the edits.
Simon is welcome back here anytime and we have spoken about teaming up for a group shoot next year, and he comes highly recommended by me, to models and studio owners.
October 2017
I worked with simon recently at lrm's home studio.
We had a great shoot and we tried new things and ideas and lighting
After trying to arrange a shoot for years it was great to finally get to shoot together. A really lovely person and great photographer. We got some really stunning shots
I would highly recommend and can't wait to work together again
Thank you
October 2017​​​​​​​
Amazing second shoot with Simon at my home studio! We got very creative and were bouncing ideas off eachother the whole time, the best type of shoot  Simon is a great guy, respectful, passionate about photography and creative! I absolutely love what we were creating and look forward to seeing the edits. Highly recommended!
September 2017
I had been itching to shoot with Simon again all year and I was frilled when he messaged me to arrange a shoot at Natasha amazing home studio in Camberley!
It is always such a pleasure working with Simon and I always look forward to our shoots together! He not only produces beautiful images but is such a joy to work with! The time flys and we always get lovely pictures. As we work through the sets he shows you the images and is always so relaxed.
I highly recommend working with Simon if you get the chance, you will not be disappointed!
September 2017​​​​​​​
Wowzahsss! What an awesome afternoon shoot we had! We made bins look good in an image that's how much the shoot ruled! We got plenty of sets and ideas done and I'm so happy with the outcome of the images even just seeing them on the back of the camera! Simon's an incredible photographer and I reccomend him happily for any shoot or project! Thank you for a great shoot Simon and I can't wait to see the final images
August 2017
Had a shoot with Simon on sunday & so glad I had the chance as he isn't normally in this area. We got along well and I felt very comfortable , he's a lovely guy and great photographer... showed me the images after each set which is helpful & gave really good ideas/ feedback. We got some nice shots and I'm looking forward to seeing finished images. Would definitely recommend if you get the chance to shoot with him & hope to work with Simon again in the future if we're ever close by. Thanks Simon ☺
April 2017
I had a great shoot with Simon at my new home. He is a great guy and a talented photographer, I found him easy to work with and he regularly showed me the pics we were getting which I appreciated. We got some lovely shots and I can't wait to see the finished product! I look forward to working with Simon again in the summer. Highly recommended 
February 2017
I had a fantastic photoshoot yesterday with Simon! We wondered around the tourist attractions in Norwich. I found Simon to be polite, full of ideas and great to talk too. We bounced ideas backwards and forwards, which made Simon very easy to talk too about shoot ideas.
Simon put a casting out a while back about looking for a model in Norwich to work with. I browsed through his portfolio on purpleport and found the photos to be very elegant and glamorous, which is my style. The organisation, to discussing ideas(Outfits,makeup and hairstyle) before the shoot I found to be very organised too.
I would totally recommend Simon to any model out there. We we already planning to work together in the new year. 100 percent highly recommended.
December 2016
Simon is an amazing photographer and his editing skills are insane. We shot a while back and it was a great shoot. He was very friendly and professional and pre comms were spot on.
I really hope to work with this talented photographer again when it is warmer!! 
Thanks Simon!
October 2016
Had my first shoot with Simon last month, and was very impressed with how it went! He is very professional and a joy to work with. Despite the weather being a bit cold and windy we got some great shots and I would recommend him to any model. looking forward to arranging some more shoots in the future 
October 2016​​​​​​​
Absolutely fantastic.
Very professional and initivtive with his ideas for the shoot. Was very easy going and put no pressure on me what so ever. I felt so comfortable around him, and the pictures came out just as I wanted them to.
Couldn't recommend him enough!
September 2016
Today I had a wonderful shoot with Simon, all planned very well with him sending me over moodboards and ideas so I can style the shoot accordingly with great communication! We got lucky with the weather and got some beautiful shots on the beach and along a lovely river. Simon knows of some really lovely locations and his photography is brilliant, I loved so many of our images from today and I cant wait to see the end results!
I highly recommend working with this photographer not only does he have a professional and passionate attitude but he is a great joy to work with!
September 2016​​​​​​​
It was an absolute pleasure working with Simon yesterday. Pre shoot communication was excellent which made it quick and easy to book.
Simon is a true gentleman. Lovely down to earth guy which made the shoot professional and enjoyable.
He had a great location which we used really well. I love the pictures we got just from seeing them off the back of the camera.
Great location, great guy, great shoot!
I look forward to working with Simon again!!
August 2016
Worked with Simon yesterday and had a great shoot. We used a studio that was new to Simon that had so much to use for background and backdrops. Once we'd decided what to use the shoot got going. Simon had some great ideas for the kind of shots he wanted and was very helpful in getting me to get the shot.
The way Simon shoots is great, he'd take a couple of shots then show me the back of the camera so I could see if it looked right and what I needed to change. This I found very helpful. He's such a nice guy and I found it very easy to be myself around him. Great work atmosphere. Would definitely work with Simon again. 
February 2016
I had the pleasure of shooting with Simon for the first time today at Wolfe Cottage Studio.
Simon was fantastic before the photoshoot with his communications and organisation making an easy run up to the day.
Simon arrived in plenty of time and was absolutely wonderful to work with!! He was very relaxed and incredibly easy to get along with making a lovely environment to shoot in. Simon had great ideas and was also happy for us to put forward our own capturing some incredible shots.
Simon is very talented and I hope to work with him again in the future. Highly recommended!
Thank you for a great day  x
February 2016​​​​​​​
Had a great shoot yesterday with Simon  He is a lovely, friendly and sweet man  Easy to get on with and work with  We shot several different looks & styles. I like the way Simon works, he has a good flow, and is great with lighting and angles, which makes my job a lot more relaxing and makes me feel more confident. I loved the images I saw on the back of the camera and those which I have seen since fabbb! 
Highly recommended and would be a pleasure to work with you again 
Thanks a million Zara 
January 2016
What an awesome photographer and all round nice guy.
First shoot with Simon today from my home in Milton Keynes and what an absolute pleasure.
Simon is a total gentleman and very easy going.
We got loads of amazing images and I can't wait to see them.
110% I want to work with Simon again
Highly recommended to other models
T xxx
December 2015
Had a fantastic shoot with Sinimi today. I'm glad I get to be his first reference! He showed up on time and pre communications were spot on. He had lots of ideas and we had a great time chatting Canon kit and creating some awesome images. Despite not being too experienced working with models, he was a true gentleman, very polite and we got some great images from what he showed me on the back of the camera. He's even managed to get a same day edit on here which is amazing!
Lovely guy and thank you for starting off my Milton Keynes tour so wonderfully!
Highly recommended  Thanks again!
September 2015
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