TFP image provision:
If we work together on a TFP basis, or in this digital era perhaps it is more appropriate to call it "Time For Images", this is what I provide, the timescales etc etc.
Hopefully the below will provide peace of mind that if you work with me on this basis, you will not be waiting forever for your images, and that you will get a good selection of fully-edited images, of your choice.
Number of images:
I suggest picking around 2-4 images per set we shoot.
At minimum, in a 4 hour photoshoot we should get through at least 6 sets (outfit charges, different backdrops etc). It's all dependent on how fast we work, but chances are we would work through more than 6 sets in a 4 hour shoot.
As a guide, based on the above (selecting 2-4 images per set, across 6 sets), you would get around 12-24 fully-edited images from our shoot
But just to add that I am flexible on final numbers, I enjoy editing so it's open to negotiation to a degree. The only impact is that the more images selected, the longer it will take to finish editing.
Picking your images:
You get to choose the images you want from all the useable images captured from our photoshoot.
I don't choose for you unless you want me to.
I put all the unedited images into a shared folder on cloud storage, usually Google Drive.
They will be sequentially numbered - you just need to choose the ones you like and provide me with a list of the image numbers.
I usually get the previews to you within 1-2 days maximum after our photoshoot.
Once you've chosen I then get to work on editing.
I provide the final edited images in different sizes: this would be full-resolution and resized for social media. I can also provide copies resized for other sites/social media, such as PurplePort if you use it.
My aim is to complete the editing process asap, I hate keeping people waiting - so it's a matter of a few weeks, anytime between 2-4 weeks maximum. This is based on the numbers I state above, if there are more images it may take a bit longer.
But I provide final images as I finish editing them, so you'll be receiving new edits throughout this period.
I'll also add that I also pick out a number of images to edit from our photoshoot and where these differ to your choice, I will also provide the final edits of these as well.
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